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Citizen development

Amakhulu Technologies is supporting citizen development, where business users development their own applications so that they don't have to wait for IT or Software Development.
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Drones and Drone OPS centers

Amakhulu Technologies love drones and the opportunities they bring to agriculture and other industries.

We know that drones are still highly regulated and limited in what they can do all over the World. More and more companies will start using drones. Some Farms will establish drone operations centers with managers and pilots. There are a lot of companies that are most likely to use drones like those with logistic challenges such as areas of terrain that are risky or difficult to travel and/or insurance companies that need to oversee disaster and accident sites. Like the most recent disaster in Mozambique.

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Virtual workers

Amakhulu Technologies is a Virtual Worker supplier!

For years, IT has used consultants and contract programmers to make up for staff talent shortfalls. With talent shortfalls so acute in areas like data science, analytics, security, etc., there will be a continued move toward virtual workers who aren’t employed by the company, but who work on a retainer basis that guarantees a certain number of these specialists’ hours per month to the company. In this way, IT has guaranteed access to expert services, which it might not be able to afford or gain access to otherwise.

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IoT integration

IoT can be integrated in your Business Operations

An emerging concern in the IoT environment is whether different IoT devices from varying suppliers can integrate. IT wants a single plan for IoT management. Can teh IoT suppliers deliver? Last year in a study done by Forrester IT survey; There were 82% users that said that they were unable to identify all of the devices connected to their networks. That is a huge problem! For security and everything with regards to safety. 54% were nervous about device security their own and others, and 55% were concerned about integration with their current environment. More and more companies will proceed with IoT implementations in teh coming years.

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Convergence of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Amakhulu Technologies can help with your Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning needs.

There will be continued progress toward the integration of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning in business applications. Companies need the three combined and playing the same tune. Artificial Intelligence  will deliver first-line-of-response business insights from data it analysed with a baseline of algorithms. As computers and other mechanical appliances observe anomalies (do we sound like The Matrix?) that conflict with baseline assumptions, they will refine their knowledge bases with the help of machine learning. If the insights yielded continue to be incomplete, they will invoke a deeper set of algorithms known as deep learning to operate on the data. The goal is greater accuracy of AI at all levels by getting Artificial Intelligence and learning technologies to work together for best results.

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