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Amakhulu Technologies develop a wide range of Software Solutions

Web Based Systems

Almost all of our systems that we use are web based. If not than it is quite hard to prove connectivity. Amakhulu Technologies has experience developing everything from basic websites, eCommerce sites, to cloud based systems sold using Software as a Service model.

Amakhulu Technologies also build Backend or Web APIs that will adhere to REST principals.
We mostly build RESTful APIs using ASP.NET Core.
Amakhulu Technologies will assist in documenting APIs with OpenAPI/Swagger.
We are well versed with Designing and building asynchronous APIs.
We can also assist in creating GraphQL APIs in ASP.NET Core

Mobile Applications

Amakhulu Technologies develops mobile applications and manage the entire life-cycle on behalf of our clients for Android and IOS platforms.

It is critical in todays environment that business and corporates creates mobile applications with native functionality. At the same time making use of all mobile platforms. At Amakhulu Technologies we use Xamarin.Forms that allows us to create native iOS and Android apps (as well as apps for other platforms like Windows UWP) written in C#, plus we add a nearly 100% reuse across platforms.

HTML5 is the cool new technology available for building Web Applications. Companies are generally swayed to prefer native mobile apps over bookmarks in mobile browsers. We are saying both can be achieved?We can help you implement and help your company on how to use a native mobile shell on the popular mobile platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7) to host an HTML5 application and how to interact with native APIs,also handle offline mode, and deal with devices with different resolutions, from Tablets to Mobile devices.


We'll get your apps in the Cloud

Al we hear is cloud, cloud, cloud! Talk about Cloud Computing has spread like a strategic marketing virus. Many people ask; what is cloud computing? How does it work? How can it help Software Developers,  IT professionals and businesses of all sizes? Amakhulu Technologies will guide your business through the Fundamentals of Cloud Computing, We will introduce you to the different forms of cloud computing, how they can help your company, what makes them so powerful that all businesses wants it. We;ve done numerous applications with cloud computing integration including infrastructure as a service and software as a service solutions. Amakhulu Technologies will finally,  secure your cloud and protect your data in the cloud. 


We develop Enterprise systems

Many people ask what is a business system? In simple word; a business system decides how your business data must be handled and is processed. Thus itt also controls the procedures of the processed data and the results to be displayed. For example. a system may automatically order parts for a stock management company, monitor future growth areas  or post cheque transactions to the on line customer accounts. The overall nature of the business system will reflect the efficiency of its designers.


We bring systems together

Amakhulu Technologies can assist with Systems Integration and help with the integration of IT systems into a business.

The process of Systems Integration is the non software development practice of building software and hardware solutions without getting involved in the software development process. 

We also do System integration testing (SIT) to verify whether the subsystems constituting the software product work as expected and work together in a streamlined manner. Our Integrators checks whether the system (i.e. software product) and its subsystems meet the requirements, as well as work and interoperate without technical failures (nothing crashes).

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