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IoT Technologies

IoT has been all the rage over the past couple of years. The extensive use of sensors and wireless connectivity among devices has increased to the trend. The increase brings in turn, easily available technology for companies to explore. Connecting everything to everything seems like a good idea. For e.g. how would you like to control your air conditioner from the comfort of your bed when you forget your remote in the other end of the room. We discuss similar IoT projects here.

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GPS Asset Tracker


This IoT Device assists companies with Fleet Management, Scooter and Motorcycle tracking, Electric vehicles tracking, automotive finance like petrol management.

Connected Automatic Pet Feeder with Video over WiFi

Wireless Connected Pet Feeder with Camera and speakers, allowing you to connect with you pet through video over wifi and audio recording

Car Access Control Via Bluetooth

Bluetooth Keyless car sharing for short term car rental: open the car with your smartphone!



Biometric Access Control

Scans the bloodveins in your hand for ulimate security, used in banks, airports, CERN…