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Products we developed

We have developed a range of software over the last few years. These applications range from Windows Applications to mobile Applications to Mainframe integration.

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Digital Currency Dashboard

This was a product developed at the height of the Crypto-currency market. Few enthusiasts purchase the product and 1 user reported increase in his wallet from R140,000 to R1.2 million.

Construction CRM

This CRM solution is for small construction companies.


Fashion Planning System

Project Management Solution for the Fashion Industry.

Store Catalogue Management

A Store Catalogue is a major and key part of any any company and that represents tied-up capital;  managing your cataloque effectively therefore enables a business to free up capital.

Efficient stock control requires understanding the mix of different kinds of stock and acknowledging the demands on that stock. This help keep stock at a reasonable level, balancing the need for surplus supplies with the need to reduce tied-up capital.

Mobile POS Solution

This POS product was developed for a company running a very small operation like a small boutique fashion shop or a small cigarette counter. 

Android Online Store Template

This eCommerce app template for Android is an easy to use code base. For companies with an existing online shop, it enables easy conversion to a mobile store app, and for those who own a physical shop but don’t yet have an online store, The product provides a variety of ready-to-use eCommerce activities to create a mobile store app from scratch.


Android Clean Architecture Template

This application template allows the decoupling of different units of code in an organized manner. That way the code gets easier to understand, modify and test.

Android Corporate Calendar

This is a task tracker for big companies and with this web application it will just make their job easier.

Starter ERP App

This application is an ERP system covering Accounting, Billing and Customer inventory maintenance modules for micro small and medium businesses.